Professional Development Program

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NYSTA’S Professional Development Program is a series of online classes designed for teachers of singing, led by leading experts in the field. The goal of the program is two-fold. First, we provide our students with contemporary, evidence-based content that is designed to further their understanding of the voice. Second, we provide real-world connections between the pedagogical information and what actually takes place in the voice studio. Graduates of the PDP will not only have a deep understanding of voice science and pedagogy, but they will also greatly improve their effectiveness in the studio. 

The CORE curriculum is designed to give our students a well-rounded foundation in vocal pedagogy. Students begin with Anatomy and Physiology, where they learn how the voice works and the role the body plays in sound production. They then move to Acoustics and Resonance, where they learn how acoustics impact singing and how to change the acoustic output of a singer through knowledge and practical application. Vocal Health is next where students are guided through discussions on multiple topics led by leading vocal health experts. In Developmental Repertoire, students learn how to be effective in selecting repertoire for their singers at any stage of development. The final course is Applied Pedagogy, where ways of increasing effectiveness in the studio are explored. The entire program has an equal emphasis on classical, musical theatre, and CCM styles of singing.

The courses are asynchronous, and you can start them at any time. Once you begin the course, you will have 3 months to complete all of the modules and assignments. Each course consists of online quizzes and 3 assignments that will be turned in throughout the course.

In order to receive the Distinguished Voice Professional Certificate (DVP), you will need to pass all of the courses with a B- (80) or higher. 

Each course will cost $300 for NYSTA members and $350 for non-members. There is a financial advantage to being a member, so we strongly encourage you to consider membership before signing up for the courses. 

If you have questions about the PDP, please contact the PDP Director Jared Trudeau at

Program History

Since its earliest years, NYSTA has sought to foster standards in the profession of voice teaching. In the 1920s and 30s the organization led efforts to require certification by the New York State government for all voice teachers. While state certification was never implemented, its intent came to fruition with the establishment of our Professional Development Program (PDP).

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The PDP was initially guided by noted pedagogue Oren Lathrop Brown, and spearheaded by past NYSTA President, Janet Pranschke. In 2010, the program moved online in order to reach a wider audience. Under the leadership Amanda Flynn, our most recent PDP Director prior to Jared Trudeau, the program was revamped in 2022. The classes are being designed specifically for online learning and will bring the most current vocal pedagogy information to our students. 

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