First NYSTA Night Out a Success!

In an effort to strengthen the bonds between our members, NYSTA has begun its “NYSTA Night Out” campaign.  These meetings serve to provide individuals a chance to meet other voice professionals in their area, network, exchange ideas, and enjoy each others’ company.

The first of these events was held in Montclair, NJ on July 29.  Elizabeth Saunders, Benjamin T. Berman, Jane Seaman, Lori McCann, and Diane Aragona met at La Couronne Restaurant, where they enjoyed dinner, drinks, discussion, and quite a number of laughs.  

“It’s so much fun to meet our neighbors, nice people, and most importantly — fellow singers and voice scientists. It’s so exciting to talk with creative people with a shared passion,” noted Jane afterward.

Keep an eye out for upcoming NYSTA Night Out events!  They will be organized in various areas throughout the country, enabling members to congregate in person.  We’d love to get to know you!

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