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NYSTA is committed to supporting the voice-professional community, and you can help us! Discover how you can use your gifts and talents to support the singing community and the organization itself.

Write a Testimonials

Did you enjoy that Professional Development course you took? Perhaps you’re using some of the techniques you observed in a Comparative Pedagogy session? We invite you to write a testimonial and tell everyone about your experience with NYSTA!


There are many volunteering opportunities with NYSTA – we’re always looking for folks to help us out at PDP events, on the Board of Directors, and in many other roles. You can edit your profile to tell us what events and areas you might be interested in sharing your talents. You can indicate which categories of events you might be available for, and if/when we need a helping hand, we’ll let you know.


NYSTA is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization – we rely on your generosity to continue providing support to the vocal community. Your tax-free donations are always welcomed!

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