Training the Adolescent Voice: Challenges and Solutions with Dr. Nancy Leinonen

Teaching the adolescent voice is exciting and challenging. Of the many challenges to protecting their instruments for long-term employability and use, are the ever-changing vocal instrument itself, finding appropriate repertoire that will support both the singer’s vocal development and external performance demands, and guiding performers who are actively performing at ever-younger ages. While it is important to protect all voices while training, the adolescent male voice presents unique challenges and requires special handling. It is vital as well for both males and females to understand and own their burgeoning technique, to be given interim tools to be able to sing through immediate changes, and to know the difference between these interim tools and long-term technical growth and goals.

This webinar will discuss some of those tools, the differences between the female and male instruments, and appropriate repertoire and ways to find that repertoire. Casting will also be discussed, as well as how the voice instructor may prepare students to know what to expect when being cast, and how to discuss their capabilities and liabilities with their music directors.