Movement Masterclass with Chuck Hudson

About the Presentation

Movement Masterclass with Stage Director Chuck Hudson: Acting Bigger

A particular challenge for presentational forms of performance like opera and musical theater is “making things bigger.” Directors often say, “I loved what you were doing in rehearsal. It was intimate and connected and truthful…but now we’re onstage and I need you to be bigger.” Suddenly everyone starts to mug, or they begin moving their arms around, as if taking up more space was the way to act bigger, and we lose the connection to dramatic truth.

Dramatic Corporeal Technique: The Five Movements of Pure Thought

  • Using psycho-physical dynamics and rhythms to turn Staging into Human Behavior.
  • Visible Dramatic Action: making the invisible visible without “acting it out.” There is a logical sequence of actions one plays to make the invisible visible. Performers must break down all of their work into this logical sequence of specific actions.
  • What “Moment to Moment Acting” means and how to do it for opera and music theater.