Gospel as an Art Form with Vy Higgensen

NYSTA is pleased to bring Vy Higginsen and members of the Gospel for Teens Choir from The Mama Foundation for the Arts’ School of Gospel, Jazz, and R & B Arts in Harlem for our season opener. Vy Has the distinction of being New York City’s First Woman in Prime Time Radio—WBLS-FM, Publisher of Unique NY Magazine, Writer/Producer of “Mama, I Want to Sing”, and Founder and CEO of the Mama Foundation for the Arts in Harlem. To hear how music is transforming the landscape of Harlem and the lives of its youngest residence is truly inspiring. After Vy brings her research and message to us her singers from the Mama Foundation School will perform traditional gospel and spiritual songs that have been passed down through the generations only by their oral history and “person to person” teaching. Vy has amassed these songs in a never before published book of music called “This is my Song.”