Letter from the President - The Business of Singing

Dear friends,

In my time as your president I have made a conscious effort to somewhat limit the scope of my President’s Letter to items that could benefit our membership in more business-related and technology areas. As you know, I have long been an advocate of technology in the studio, whether it be as a tool, as in the use of voice visualization software (Don Miller’s VoceVista program), as a means to broaden one’s studio horizons into the online delivery market (Skype, ooVoo, etc), or by way of online advertising in a global marketplace.
Therefore, it is with great anticipation  that in this issue we bring you an article by Regina Zona, “Marketing Your Studio.” Dr. Zona’s article clearly lays out strategies for advertising in the current era of online searches and distance learning. I wholeheartedly recommend this article to your attention. Thank you, Dr. Zona.
In keeping with NYSTA’s mission, we also offer an equally compelling article by Laurier Fagnan on the bel canto messa di voce, complete with exercises and harmonic spectral analysis. The messa di voce may possibly be the only (or one of a very few) vocal gestures found in all styles of music. In opera, musical theater, and pop music, the messa di voce remains one of the most expressive gestures in the singer’s arsenal and Dr. Fagnan’s deconstruction of this gesture is relevant to all voice teachers and voice professionals, no matter what style of music one may teach or perform. Thank you, Dr. Fagnan.
Our Winter events and courses feature one of our favorite and most requested courses, Vocal Health for Voice Professionals (on demand—available 24/7), and a special online event on February 10 with Dr. Nancy Leinonen: “Training the Adolescent Voice –Challenges and Solutions.” This event will be held via Citrix Goto-Webinar, which you can participate in from the warm and snuggly comfort of your own home. 
If you have a microphone on your computer you will be able to ask questions to Dr. Leinonen directly as well as converse with colleagues also in attendance. It is a completely interactive experience that should not be missed. Our last online event reached near capacity with 80 people registered from all over the world. I am sure this event will be just as popular and I urge you to register your attendance as soon as possible after you receive the webinar invite via email (this will be sent out mid-January).
As always, thank you for your support of NYSTA. I look forward to seeing you (on-site or online) at our upcoming events and courses.

David Sabella-Mills

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