Vocal Health for Voice Professionals

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017 (All day)
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Featured Course
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United States
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About the Presentation

This course offers a detailed exploration of vocal health issues relevant to singers and teachers of singing, addressing vocal fold injury and includes the mechanisms of vocal pathologies, their diagnosis and treatment. Common conditions such as nodules, polyps, edema, reflux, and hemorrhage will be covered. The goal is to enable teachers to advise students on vocal hygiene, to recognize the necessity of medical intervention, to be conversant with commonly used drugs for performers, and to be able to participate as part of the medical treatment team in the rehabilitation of the singing voice. 


Lecture Topics

  1. Mechanism of Vocal Injury (Dr. Peak Woo)
  2. Vocal Fold Nodules, Polyps, Varix, Edema, Cysts (Dr. Peak Woo)
  3. Reflux Laryngitis, Acute Laryngitis, Chronic Laryngitis (Dr. Peak Woo)
  4. Neurological Disorders of the Voice/Broadway Emergencies (Dr. Lucian Sulica) 
  5. Muscular Tension Dysphonia (MTD)/Other Posturing Abnormalities (Anat Keidar, PhD, CC-SLP)
  6. Medication and the Voice (Dr. Peak Woo)
  7. Integrative Approach to the Professional Voice: How Alternative Therapies Enhance the Conventional Approach for Optimal Health (Dr. Benjamin Asher) 
  8. Optimizing Vocal Hygiene and Communication with the Health Profession (Linda Carroll, PhD,CC- SLP)


Faculty List

  • Dr. Peak Woo, MD, FACS;
  • Dr. Robert Bastian, MD, FACS;
  • Anat Keidar, PhD; Linda Carroll, PhD; and
  • Dr. Benjamin Asher, MD, FACS


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